Hi! My name is Taya. I live, work, and go to school in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I am a student, nanny, sister, daughter, friend, and follower of Jesus. I have a big family, and I am blessed to be the oldest of six kids. One of my biggest passions in life is working with kids and helping their little minds to grow. I love movies, reading, coffee (a new development), spending time with my sisters and brothers, and the occasional rainy day.

Why a blog? When I am struggling in my faith walk and life in general, I find so much joy in reading what my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ write. My hope is that my blog is a source of hope, joy, encouragement, and peace to those who read it.

Why Unmistakable Grace? Have you ever had something happen in  your life and you knew, without a doubt, why it happened? My life changed completely when I gave control to God. I should not be where I am today, yet here I am. I am not deserving of having a relationship with God, but I have one. I DO NOT deserve to go to heaven, but I will. This is all because of one thing. Grace. Unmistakable grace. Grace that can only be found in Jesus. Grace is the reason I started the blog. Grace is something I do not deserve, yet I find myself experiencing it through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Jesus gets the credit for everything I have done and will continue to do with the rest of my life. I am so grateful for His gift, and I want others to be able to experience it as well.

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